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Worth Guitars USA is a company dedicated to building high quality custom guitars.  We want to build the guitar or bass that makes you want to play. A guitar for you. Your style. Your sound. And we believe you are  worth it. All Worth guitars are handcrafted in the United States of America. That’s important to us. All of our guitars are built with care and craftsmanship, by guitar players, for guitar players. Musicians. Guys who have made their living pounding out the music in their hearts on the stages of their local music scene and beyond. We take a special pride in that. We take a special pride in paying close attention to the details that create a truly fine instrument. An instrument you will be proud to own and play. An instrument that will inspire you to pick it up and play it, to practice and explore your sound, a guitar that will help you become the guitar player you want to be. We appreciate your support and we stand behind our guitars with a lifetime warranty against defects in our workmanship and materials. We want you to own the guitar that makes a statement about who you are and we can think of nothing greater than being a small part of your music. Thank you for stopping by our site.

Peace to you and yours,

Tony Whitford






How much is your tone Worth?

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